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Rubber Stamps

Stamp Sizes
Mini   (1.5 x .5 in) $21.00
Small  (2.25 x .75 in) $22.50
Medium  (2.5 x 1 in) $24.50
Large (3 x 1.5 in) $26.50
Round Stamp $42.00

Notary Services

Parcel Plus Cypress provides notary service to all of our customers for all documents. A photo ID is required for all individuals who will sign the document and all signatures are required to be done in front of the notary. Parcel Plus does not supply witnesses for documents
that require the signature of a witness.

Fax Services

Fax Incoming & Outgoing
Parcel Plus provides local, toll free, long
distance and international fax services.
We also offer the ability for you to receive faxes.

Local and Toll Free $1 per page
Long distance $1.50 per page
International fax $8 per page
All incoming faxes $1 per page.

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